About Us

Trade and Transport Group is a small highly specialised strategy consulting firm and analytical solutions provider to organisations operating in global transportation and logistics. Trade and Transport Group also maintains Trade Data Service, a global trade analysis site that publishes research on trends, opportunities and risks related to cross border flows of goods. We are based in Sydney, Australia, but operate across the globe.

Specifically, our firm, principals and consultants have experience in:

  • International trade, freight and transport market analysis and forecasting.
  • Transaction advisory and due diligence with a focus on market potential and competitive assessment.
  • Development and implementation of business strategy for companies operating in the freight transportation space.
  • Business cases for small to large capital and infrastructure investments, including the development of demand forecasts, market surveys, financial models, and cost benefit analysis to support business cases.
  • Design and roll out of public facing interactive dashboards, maps, and visuals to display transport and freight market trends and developments.
  • Implementation of business reviews and performance enhancement.

Trade and Transport Group has a strong quantitative approach in its work. To support our advisory business, we maintain extensive freight demand, supply, competition, and economics databases.

Our principals and consultants have a track record in working with a wide range of stakeholders, including Ministerial, senior, and working levels officials across all tiers of Government, infrastructure providers, logistics companies, peak bodies and economic development organisations, investment firms and companies operating transportation assets.

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